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Meet the Team

Jackie Wright

Associate Director

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Mike Barnett

Scheme Underwriting & Risk Manager

Lee Dicks

Sales Manager

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Louise Velez

Renewals Manager

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Fidoo Etwaroo

Customer Service Manager

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Kim Kingett

Assistant Manager (Sales)

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Melissa Young

Assistant Manager (Renewals)

Andrew Blacklidge

Senior Scheme Developer

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Roberto Oriani

Account Executive

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Simon Bailey

Scheme Developer

Andrea Evans

Scheme Developer

Ben Dickson

Scheme Developer

Alice Brock

Scheme Developer

James Gore

Senior Account Handler

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Daniel Wright

Senior Account Handler

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Joanne Urmston

Senior Account Handler

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Sue Barton

Senior Account Handler

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Julie Bristow

Senior Account Handler

Samantha Green

Senior Account Handler

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Anne Benson

Account Handler

Debora Bogle

Account Handler

Toula Flesouras

Account Handler

Mary Given

Account Handler

Faruq Miah

Account Handler

Dorothy Wilson

Account Handler

Sandra Monckton

Account Handler

Tony Emery

Assistant Account Handler

Joanne Phillips

Credit Controller

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