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From the 1st February 2018 our normal office hours will be changing to 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 

The RoadRunner team are looking forward to the festive season and will be taking a little time off over Christmas and New Year.
Motor trade insurance policies can cover a variety of trading premises, including those businesses which trade from their home. However, it’s important that you consider how your operation will be affected by various elements when taking out motor trade insurance for businesses within your home. Motor specific business insurance can be flexible according to industry type. 
Motor trade insurance can cover a comprehensive range of requirements and policies across the industry. Specifically, motor trade insurance covers businesses which have a customer’s vehicle under their care, and also vehicles which are on site for sales purposes. This includes a broad range of businesses and possible scenarios, so an individual motor trade insurance policy may need to be tailored on a case by case basis. This makes renewing motor trade insurance slightly more complex, as it is not so easy to get a standard comprehensive quote.
If you are planning a trip abroad to Europe, or are needing to transport a vehicle (or multiple vehicles) across the continent, then it is vital you are aware of whether your insurance policy covers you whilst you are driving in a different country. Motor trade policies can vary, so it is important to check you are covered whilst driving in Europe before you travel. 
A Motor Trade insurance policy is vital for anyone who is running a business involving vehicles, including buying and selling cars (independent and main dealers), offering valet services or running a garage. There are varying levels of cover according to how large your business is, but there are legal requirements in place.
Dashcams are now available for fairly low prices across the web, making them increasingly common in vehicles throughout the UK. 
Motor traders are customers too. All the advice that your customers are likely to have sought before thinking of buying a used car from you, is likely to apply just as much – perhaps even more so – to you.
Practically every business these days has its own website – and motor traders are no exception. Websites have taken over much of the role of the traditional shop window or vehicle showroom and represent your window on the world, broadcasting your message to thousands of potential clients at the click of a button.
We live in a digital age – and never more so than when we have a business to run.

As with just about every other business, motor dealerships are likely to maintain extensive electronic records containing personal details of their employees and customers. More than many other industries, however, the motor trade also needs to keep its suppliers, the motor manufacturers, updated with much of this information, which is used primarily for marketing purposes.
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