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5 Driving Offence Myths

When it comes to driving there are lots of laws to abide by, so it’s understandable that there are quite a few driving misconceptions. Here are 5 driving offence myths - debunked!

You can’t eat food or drink when driving

Drink driving when under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous and illegal, but what about drinking a non-alcoholic beverage or having a bite to eat when you’re behind the wheel? Good news, it’s not illegal to eat or drink when you’re driving unless these cause a distraction and make your driving hazardous. You can still get prosecuted if your driving becomes a danger when eating or drinking.

You can use your mobile when you’re stationary

A big no-no! You can risk getting penalty points on your licence as well as a fine if you are caught being on your phone when your engine is running. If you’re waiting at a set of traffic lights or are in a traffic queue, the same law applies, so just make sure you are properly concentrating on the road and not at risk of any fines by putting your phone away before you drive.

You can’t park on single yellow lines

To some extent this is true, but it only applies to certain hours of the day. You are able to park on most single yellow lines on weekday evenings (6pm onwards) and at weekends. However, each council’s rules are different so be sure to check the road signs before parking.

You can’t drive in flip-flops

Although this type of footwear is seen as extremely dangerous and not recommended by The Highway Code to drive in, it’s not actually illegal. You should make sure that your footwear doesn’t prevent you from being able to use the foot controls properly. Flip-flops pose the threat of sliding off and getting caught on or in between the pedals, so play it safe and opt for more sensible footwear instead.

Only working speed cameras flash

Just because a speed camera hasn’t flashed when you’ve sped past doesn’t mean you haven’t been snapped. The iconic yellow Gatso speed cameras use a flash, but there are many other speed cameras that don’t. 


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