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Update to our Road Risks Wording

We've made a change to our Road Risks policy wording. Find out about the revised definition of 'Business Premises'.

Although cover for vehicles at business premises remains excluded on a motor trade road risks only insurance policy, in conjunction with AXA we have changed our definition of Business Premises to clarify the cover afforded to the mobile trader and those traders that carry out repairs at their customer's premises which they do not occupy on a permanent or continuing basis.

The definition of 'Business Premises' now reads:

“Means the business address (or addresses) shown in your schedule and any house building structure or land used owned or occupied on a permanent or continuing basis by you or any partner director employee or driver for

a) Repair service and maintenance or
b) Sale or display or
c) Storage

of any motor vehicle

Any private residence you or any driver permanently resides at is not a business premises for the purpose of this insurance

Any house building structure or land not owned by you or any partner director employee or driver but temporarily occupied by you or any driver for less than one day to undertake the repair service or maintenance of any insured vehicle in connection with your business is not a business premises for the purposes of this insurance”

Mobile Mechanics remain a key target trade for us and this change is designed to ensure the policy clearly meets their needs. It has never been the intention to penalise this kind of activity.

If you have a mobile mechanic that is looking for motor trade road risks, talk to us about how we can help you get the cover they need at a price that is attractive. Don't forget, we can also offer a liability policy and provide full premises cover if the home call out service is part of a premises based business. Talk to one of our team to understand exactly how we can assist.

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