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ClickMechanic - An Introduction

We often hear our clients talking about their desire to generate more business. That is why Road Runner sometimes introduces clients (with their permission) to our friends at ClickMechanic. 

We realise not everyone knows who ClickMechanic are or how they help motor traders find more work, so we asked them to tell us, in their own words, who they are and how they work. If you would like to know more about the ClickMechanic service, just ask one of our team to introduce you or use the form on our website.

Heard the name? Not sure about what we do or how we operate? Here’s a quick run-down on who we are and our story to kick-off our blogposts with RoadRunner and also how to get in touch when you get excited about what you read!

Who Are We, Here @ ClickMechanic?

ClickMechanic is the UK's market leading platform that connects car owners who need repairs, servicing and inspections to some of the UK's best mobile mechanics. We match thousands of customers every month with over 500 trusted professional mechanics in cities across the UK. Our instant quoting functionality is unique, fast booking and secure payment makes us the simplest and most convenient way to book a car mechanic, the process to join the network is simple and free to do and we take all the hassle from you and handle the admin side as well, what more do you need – free work with no advertising cost and stress free!

What's Our Story?

ClickMechanic was founded in 2012 as a simple solution to the age-old problem of getting an honest, trustworthy and transparent mechanic for your car. While running a previous car parts aggregator business, founder Andrew Jervis realised there was a problem with many customers not trusting their mechanics. After further investigation and a chat with his mechanic brother he realised there was just no easy way to book a trusted mechanic. He then decided to study a research masters in Manchester where he devoted himself to understanding these problems better. After writing an 85,000 word thesis on the space he moved to London to join accelerator EF where he met Felix Kenton who had identified these same problems. The pair decided to then team up and develop ClickMechanic with the goal of building the easiest and most transparent way for car owners to book trusted mechanics.



Receive Jobs

  • Jobs get sent to your SmartPhone, free of charge, and you can decide to accept or reject.

  • We’ll provide you with fixed rate quotes, powered by AutoData and renowned parts suppliers.

Complete the Job

  • Pick up any parts needed and complete the job.

Get Paid!

  • Invoice the job in just a couple of clicks through our app, get paid, reviewed and receive more jobs! We only take 20%(+VAT) on jobs you accept and complete.

How Do I Join The Revolution?

  • Ask one of the Road Runner team to introduce you; or

  • Use the online referral form and one of the Click Mechanic team will be in touch

  • Call ClickMechanic now on 020 3322 7083

To find out more about ClickMechanic, please visit their website.





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