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ClickMechanic - Communication is Key

This month we are talking about communication in business. The term ‘communication’ is brandished in many of today’s businesses yet many are still struggling with this simple concept and do not understand how important it is for your business.

It’s easy for the ‘big boy’ organisations to be somewhat competent at communication you’d think and in the main yes they are, but even the ‘big boys’ struggle to handle communication effectively on many occasions. In the process losing customers, and that despite having tons of resources.

In the mechanic trade and more so in the mobile mechanic arena many businesses are either run as a sole trader or a partnership. With super tight schedules and limited cash to spend there's usually little opportunity to focus on improving communications. However, remember that it does not need hours and hours to be effective at communication, sometimes doing the little things in your business will be majorly effective over a period of time but the key is repetition….over and over again! Here are our top 5 tips at ClickMechanic to help you communicate with and retain customers!

#1 Explain what you’re going to do prior to the job
It’s always really important when you get to the job that you explain what you are going to do in order to fix the car and solve the problems the customer has. Doing this always brings confidence and hope to the customer and allows them to trust you on the job. ALWAYS REMEMBER to gain the customer's permission first if you find any additional works need doing as you continue through the job! Otherwise you’ll run into issues when you produce the bill later.  When you're done, again reinforce what work you have done on the car to avoid misunderstandings later.

#2 Listen actively
Ever get the feeling, when talking to someone that you were really talking to a wall? The person may have heard you but gave no indication of it at all. Avoid doing this. When communicating with customers about both appointments & the issues with the car, it's just as important that people are aware that you're listening as it is that you're actually listening. Get involved with the customer and react to what they are saying, either via a nod, or an "I see," and approach questions from customers like this: “OK, from what you are telling me, this is what I can do for you”. You'll strengthen your own understanding and make a better impression.

#3: Be sensitive to technical knowledge
Chances are, your customers have less technical knowledge than you do. Be careful, therefore, when explaining things to them. If you use acronyms, be sure you identify what the acronym means. If you feel something is technical, always ask a positive question to ensure they understand what you mean. Keep your eyes on customers when you talk to them and be alert to cues indicating that they don't understand. Ask them whether they understand what you're saying, if necessary.

#4: Use positive instead of negative statements
Your customers are more interested in your capabilities than in your limitations. In other words, they're interested in what you can do, rather than what you can't do. The way you say things to them influences how they perceive you and your business. You, as a business or individual, can be seen as a roadblock and if you are negative the chances of a repeat customer dwindles.  The key is always to be positive in all situations and be confident you can get things sorted to reassure the customer. If you cannot do the job/repair for whatever reason be positive in how you deliver that message, and remember to offer an alternative.

#5. In general, think before you speak!
Sometimes you will find that you need to argue your case strongly to get your message across, but it is always about how you deliver it. Do consider the alternatives before speaking. As the proverb goes, "He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity."

We here at ClickMechanic.com are a network of mobile mechanics across the UK., We push work from customers to mechanics, without any joining costs! Let us talk to you to see if we are a good fit for each other, and if we are we can get you on the network here at ClickMechanic.com


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