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ClickMechanic - Marketing Your Business

Our friends at ClickMechanic talk about marketing your business and how their service can help with this.

In any industry marketing your business (or advertising as it’s more commonly known) is a pre requisite to success. It takes many forms and need not be complicated or expensive. Get it right, and it can really help you attract more customers.

The age old traditional avenue for mechanics is the simple ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. Not only is it free but it is a sure sign that you are doing a good job! Do all you can to encourage this – it may feel uncomfortable, but in most cases, it is perfectly acceptable to ask people to recommend you. The major downside to recommendations is that they rarely happen at the right time, so  it won’t generally result in significant volumes of work for you.

Other ways you can promote your business include:

  • Advertising in local publications such as newspapers and magazines;

  • Business directories such as Yell.com or Thomson Local

  • Social media

  • Flyers and leaflets, which are often cheap to get delivered but not very targeted

The biggest challenge is knowing what works and which marketing activity is most effectively driving new customers to your business. All of which is keeping you away from what you do best – fixing and servicing cars for your customers.

At ClickMechanic.com we understand the pressures you face, so here are our top 5 tips to promote your business. You can of course also join us and let our marketing drive customers to your business.

  1. Send a second offer to your customers immediately after a job – Thank customers for the business and offer a good reason to come back to you – perhaps a discount off their next service.

  2. Make sure your website is fit for purpose – it is the first thing most prospective customers will look at. Does it clearly tell them who you are, what you do and how to get in touch? Do you encourage them to leave their details so you can contact them in the future with offers or information? There are many simple and low cost tools available to help you create and manage a website.

  3. Utilise free advertising avenues – There is no better advertising than free advertising! We always say get in as many places as possible with your business the more avenues the more potential there is! Other online portals to explore as well as Clickmechanic.com that could be useful are: Gumtree or VivaStreet. Make sure that your business details are accurately listed on Google too.

  4. Make sure your marketing stands out – old-fashioned flyers are still used by many, and done well, they will catch people’s attention. Keep the message brief and look at how you can use it to drive them then to your website.

  5. Social media – This is a powerful tool in the 21st century and it’s crucial.  You probably don’t have time to maintain profiles on multiple different social media channels, so chose the 1 or 2 that your customers are likely to use and share content that will help them choose your business.

What we, of course, would suggest is to consider us here @ ClickMechanic. Our expertise is marketing, so we can help take a large part of the administrative side of marketing out of your hands, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, REPAIR CARS!

Joining ClickMechanic

Becoming part of the ClickMechanic family of mechanics is pretty simple, fill out the form here and let us know a few things about you. We like to keep the standard of our network of mechanics high, that’s why we’ll only recruit the best. We will assess your application on three main criteria:

  • Your accreditations and qualifications.

  • Your work history and experience.

  • You must have a suitable level of public liability insurance and trade insurance.

If you’re able to show evidence of excelling in each of these criteria, we’ll sign you up, simples, no fees involved!


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