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ClickMechanic - What are the most popular areas for car repair in UK in 2016?

Have you ever wondered what areas of the UK keep mechanics busiest? Where customers are struggling with maintaining their cars? Well, ClickMechanic have the answers in their latest blog for us.

A New Year, a new you! Those were the thoughts of many people across the UK, talked about in early January and long forgotten by February.

Here at ClickMechanic the results are in for car repairs for the early months of the year! Have you ever wondered what areas of the UK keep us busiest? Where customers are struggling with their cars? Well, we have the answers!

  1. South East

  2. London

  3. North West

  4. East of England

  5. South West

Our top 5 areas of the UK, which have produced the highest number of bookings in 2016 to date are listed above. To our surprise it’s customers in the South East of England who have taken the lead in the number of bookings outstripping that big place called ‘London’, so a big well done to the lovely people of the South East! The North West with its big cities like Manchester and Liverpool weigh in 3rd, whilst 4th and 5th respectively are the East of England and South West, trailing closely behind.

Over the coming months it will be great to see other areas such as Scotland & Wales competing for the top areas!

On a side note, have you ever wondered what the top repairs carried out by a ClickMechanic are? Well, our top blogger Kurt has found out more and has written a blog on it: http://www.clickmechanic.com/blog/the-top-10-most-requested-jobs-with-clickmechanic/

This is all great news for our mechanics! More repairs mean we can push you more work each and every day with minimal effort and zero cost upfront! ClickMechanic can help you find new customers in these top 5 areas, as well as in other regions of the UK.

We are generating more business for great mobile mechanics everywhere! Want a slice of the action for free? Join us here at: https://www.clickmechanic.com/mechanics/home


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