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Is your business having to adapt?

Porsche are investing in electric vehicle technology. Is your business having to adapt to meet changing customer needs?

Porsche has unveiled their new Panamera S – a powerful and aerodynamic hybrid. You could argue that at the similar cost of an equally powerful petrol engine, why would they bother?

However according to Porsche, they recognize the importance of saving the environment and the responsibility they have as car manufacturers. Wolfgang Hatz comments “We know our duty and we have big concerns about the environment If you look back over the past three years, the electric car market has multiplied by a factor of 25”

What would your preference be?

Car companies globally are seeing the logistical importance of their buyers wanting to be more eco-friendly and most are seeing a rise in sales of hybrid cars (albeit only a fraction of the entire market) as well as fully electric cars that run purely on battery power so are adapting to the change.

Have your businesses noticed these changes in your second hand car sales? Are buyers becoming more interested in purchasing hybrid models instead of petrol?


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