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New DVLA service – selling a vehicle into the motor trade

The DVLA are continuing to work on systems and processes designed to help the motor trade with vehicle management.

They have recently released their “first public beta service, ‘Selling a vehicle into the motor trade”, designed to simplify the process for motor traders when they buy a vehicle from a member of the public. It updates DVLA records in real time, but is only available Monday – Saturday, between 8am and 6pm.

The next phase of their service is designed to deal with vehicles sold by a motor trader to a member of the public. This is currently in limited release for testing with no information yet on when it will be released generally.

What doesn’t seem to get a mention is the Motor Insurance Database (MID). Unless you have trade plates, you will need to tax the vehicle and notify your motor trade insurer so they can add the vehicle to the MID on your behalf. Road Runner manages all MID updates on behalf of its customers, so whether you use the new DVLA service or continue to notify purchases and sales in the traditional way, don’t forget to let us know about vehicles you buy and sell, so we can make sure they are correctly listed on the MID for you. Call us or use our online MID update form.


Jackie Wright
As a dealer you have two options as we understand it. You can use trade licence plates for a vehicle that is defined as a ‘stock’ vehicle. You should be aware that these only allow you to drive a vehicle for motor trade purposes. No social, domestic or pleasure use is allowed under the trade plate rules applied by DVLA. The other option is to register the car to you or your business and tax it. When you then sell it, you will receive the refund of any tax due.

This web page from the DVLA gives you more information. https://www.gov.uk/trade-licence-plates

Road Runner does not make any charge for trade plates under its motor trade insurance scheme.
07/05/2015 14:57:33
If I tax a car in trade does the tax remaining tax come back to me when the car is sold to a new owner as they will need to re-tax the car according to the new rules. Previously we would run a car on rmaining tax but that is now cancelled by DVLA when car is sold / put into trade. I so far have not taxed a car as I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that any remaining tax would be sent to previous keeper. Can you clarify please.
07/05/2015 14:38:45

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