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#WhyTakeRisks? Drive uninsured and your car can be gone in seconds

The MIB have launched a new campaign to help promote awareness of the consequences of uninsured driving. 

Did you know nearly 40% of claims reported to MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) involve male drivers under 29? But the law on uninsured driving is not as black and white as having a policy or not. There are many situations where a policy may be in force, but the specific situation results in the insurance not being valid.

In the motor trade, examples can include:

  • driving a vehicle for a purpose that is not covered, such as social, domestic or pleasure use in a customer's vehicle;

  • A person not covered under the motor trade insurance driving one of the vehicles owned by the business

Watch the MIB video to find out more:

You must insure your car, even if it’s parked or stored in a garage and you’re not driving it. If your car doesn’t have valid insurance you could face:

  • A fixed financial penalty
  • Having the car clamped, seized and crushed
  • Court prosecution with a maximum fine of £1,000

So that’s why our aim here at Road Runner is to help motor traders understand the various cover options available on a motor trade insurance policy and ensure they have the right insurance for the way their business operates.

So #WhyTakeRisks when you can get a quote, from our team of specialists, for free. Stop your car being 'gone in seconds'.


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