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MID Explained

Notifying Vehicle Additions & Deletions

Motor Traders are not exempt from the requirements of Continuous Insurance Enforcement and the need to keep the Motor Insurance Database up to date. To help you understand these, we have included a copy of a very useful document produced by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau called ‘Motor Trade and the MID’. You can find it in our document library. We have also created a set of Frequently Asked Questions specifically on Continuous Insurance Enforcement.

What you should do:

  • Tell us about all vehicles you own, whether it is for personal use or a stock vehicle that is for sale as part of your business. We will add it to the Motor Insurance Database on your behalf.

  • Let us know as soon as you sell or dispose of a vehicle. If you do not do so, there is a risk that any accident involving that vehicle may result in a claim against your policy and affect your NCB.

  • Always check that any vehicle you buy is of a type you have disclosed to us and not subject to restricted cover under the policy. You should read the Cover Note or Certificate of Insurance, policy schedule and policy wording together to check for any restrictions. If you are not certain, please ask us.

How to update us:

  • Use our online MID Form;

  • Call our UK based Customer Service team;

  • Amend the ‘Current Vehicle’ list we have sent you and return a copy to us by fax, post or email.

Please remember that adding a vehicle to the Motor Insurance Database does not itself confirm that insurance is in place for any specific situation, only that a policy is in place in respect of that vehicle. You should always ensure that it is being driven by someone allowed to do so and for a purpose that is permitted. Your insurance documents explain any restrictions in cover, or you can call us to ask.  

Motor Insurance database

Please use our form to advise us when you have bought or sold any vehicle. We will then update the MID on your behalf.

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