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Important Information

This information is designed to help you understand the process of obtaining a quotation for your motor trade road risks, liability or premises insurance and what we need from you if you would like to take out that insurance. You need to ensure that all the information you provide to us is accurate. To help protect you, we normally record all telephone calls.

Getting a Quote

Please make sure that the details you give us when requesting a quote are as full and accurate as possible. It will ensure the price we give you is the right price. Any inaccuracies, misleading or omitted information could result in your policy being cancelled, an additional premium being charged and you may not be covered if you need to make a claim. If you are unsure, ask us for guidance.

Statement of Fact

The Statement of Fact has replaced the Proposal Form. It forms the basis of the contract between the policyholder(s) and the Insurance Company and is the record of what you told us when you asked for a quote. It must be checked carefully and we must be informed of any errors or omissions immediately.

Copy Documentation

We will ask you to provide us with certain documentation when you take out a policy with us. This will include:

  • Copy driving licences for all drivers. We require current copies of  the back and front of the photocard for all drivers. You will be asked to log into the Government website (www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence) and provide us with a system generated check code for drivers. We will then check for driving entitlements and any endorsements.
    When providing this information you will be required to obtain the information from each driver, and their permission to provide the check code to Roadrunner.
    The information contained on your driving licence contains important information. Please read the important information section below which explains the consequences of not providing important information fully and accurately.
  • Proof of no claims bonus. If we have allowed motor trade bonus, or an introductory bonus based on private car, commercial vehicle or company car driving, we will need to see proof. Please make sure you have this.
  • Proof of trading. Our policies are specifically designed for motor traders. We may ask you to provide proof such as sales invoices, accounts or details of qualifications.

It is important that you quickly send us any additional documents that we request. We will provide a reply paid envelope to assist you. Failure to do so could result in your policy being cancelled.


The Government's Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) currently stands at 10%. We are obliged to add this to all our premiums. It is not added to our fees.

Fees and charges

In addition to your insurance premium, we charge certain fees for our services. It is our policy to ensure these are clearly identified in our documentation and when we speak with you. They are also set out in our Terms of Business.

Policy charge

We make an administration charge to cover our cost of setting up or renewing your policy. The current fees are set out in our Terms of Business. Your Quote or Renewal Invitation documentation will confirm the exact fee due.

Instalment charges

We offer premium finance facilities using a third party premium finance company. There is a charge for using this service, which will be explained to you. This is a charge levied by them for the loan. You do not have to pay any security deposit to us, just the first instalment which is 20% of the premium.


Changes to your policy are subject to an administration charge to cover our costs. This is in addition to any additional or return premium that results from the change. The current fee is set out in our Terms of Business.

Vehicle updates: Motor Insurance Database

Please note that we make no charge for notifying us of vehicles to be added to the Motor Insurance Database, provided these are of a type you have notified us you work with. If the vehicle is of a type not already listed on your documentation there may be an additional premium due to reflect the change in your circumstances. You can notify us by calling us on 03301 00 87 20 or using our online MID update form


If either you or Road Runner cancels the policy before the end of the policy period, a refund of the premium is usually made. How much this is, and what charge is made varies according to each case. Details are in the policy wording and our Terms of Business.

Cover not due yet?


Why not use our free renewal reminder service and let us remind you when it is time to shop around for quotes. There is no obligation to call us - but we hope you do. If you give us permission, we will give you a call.

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