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Motor Trade Liability Insurance

Motor Trade Liability Insurance can protect you against claims from employees, public liability (such as slips, trips and falls by customers on your premises) and in respect of liability arising from repair, servicing or maintenance of vehicles by you.

What can it cover?

  • Employers’ Liability insurance – compulsory in virtually all cases if you have employees.
  • Public Liability.
  • Sales and Service Indemnity.
  • Defence costs associated with claims made against you.
  • The option to include cover for portable hand tools.

Whether you work from home or premises, or are mobile, there is always a risk of someone making a claim against you arising from your work in the motor trade. Liability insurance can help ensure you have the funds to defend or settle a claim. It also ensures that you have someone to assist you in dealing with the claim, leaving you more time to focus on running your business and making money.

Cover options:

  • Public Liability only.
  • Public Liability and Sales & Service Indemnity.
  • Public Liability, Sales & Service Indemnity and Employers’ Liability.
  • Portable hand tools can be covered at business premises only, or including cover away from business premises.

Employers' Liability: £10M
Public Liability: £1M, £2M or £5M
Sales & Service Indemnity: £1M, £2M or £5M
Portable Hand Tools: £1,500; £2,500 or £5,000

Read our Liability Summary of cover and Liability Policy Wording for details of the cover available and exclusions that apply.


You may have heard of ELTO – the Employers’ Liability Tracing Office. It is an insurance industry initiative to centrally record basic details of all EL insurance policies. This is being managed by the Employer’s Liability Tracing Office (ELTO), of which most insurers are members. You can read more about ELTO on their website – www.elto.org.uk.

Other cover we offer:

Road Runner can also provide you with motor trade Road Risks and Premises insurance. So if you want to protect yourself whilst driving your own or customers’ vehicles, or want to protect the money you have invested in your tools and equipment, check out the Road Risks and Premises  insurance we can offer.

Cover not due yet?

Why not use our free renewal reminder service and let us remind you when it is time to shop around for quotes. There is no obligation to call us - but we hope you do. If you give us permission, we will give you a call.

Road Runner is part of the Aston Scott Group, combining the commercial insurance skills of Aston Scott Ltd with the Health & Safety and Risk Management expertise of ASG Risk Management Ltd.

If our Road Runner Scheme is not suitable for your requirements, we may well be able to assist you with the wider range of products available to us and suited to the more complex motor trade businesses and a wide range of other trades and professions. Why not give our specialists a call on 03301 000 562 and see if we can help you.

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