A Brief Guide to Mobile Mechanic Insurance

Make an online search for mobile mechanics in the UK, and you are likely to see just how popular the business has become. On just one listings site, Yell.com, for example, there are approximately 250 of them.

Given the convenience that many customers appreciate when a mobile mechanic (valet, or accessory fitter) comes to their home or workplace, rather than having to book the car into a garage or workshop, this popularity is hardly surprising.

If this fits the job you do – on a part-time or full-time basis – you may want to consider the need for specialist mobile mechanic insurance.

Mobile mechanic insurance

Mobile mechanic insurance is a form of motor traders’ insurance that typically provides cover when you have any of your customers’ cars in your possession – while working on them or taking them for a test drive. It also extends to cover for your own car or van you use to get to the jobs in hand.

When you are driving the vehicles, of course, the law insists that you have a minimum of third party insurance. But instead of insuring each car separately, mobile mechanic insurance provides an umbrella level of cover which allows you to drive any of your customers’ vehicles.

Just as with other types of regular motor insurance, though, you might want to upgrade the protection offered by your mobile mechanic insurance to include the risks of fire or theft of the vehicle whilst it is in your possession, or cover any accidental damage through comprehensive insurance.

Your choice is likely to be guided by the value and age of the cars on which you are working and your assessment of the risks involved.

Liability insurance

One of those additional risks, for example, is your liability for allegations of defective workmanship. Not only might you need indemnity against the amount of the claim itself, but even when you are not to blame, the cost of defending the allegation may be considerable. You might want to consider incorporating liability insurance, therefore, into your mobile mechanic insurance.

Tools and equipment

Any mobile mechanic is likely to have an array of expensive hand tools and equipment in the van driven to attend customers.

Those tools and equipment are at risk of theft, loss or damage, so you might also want to include cover for them in your mobile mechanic insurance policy.

Collection and delivery of your customers’ vehicles

Although you are a mobile mechanic, there may be occasions when you need to collect your customers’ vehicles and take them to a garage or workshop for further work or repair – delivering back to the customer’s home or workplace once the job is done.

In that case, you might want to consider incorporating your mobile mechanic insurance into a more comprehensive road risks policy, which provides the protection you need for vehicles in transit on those occasions.

An experienced, specialist provider of mobile mechanic insurance, such as ourselves at Road Runner Insurance, is able to offer expert advice and guidance on the level and scope of cover your business is likely to need.