4 Considerations Before you Simply Renew your Mobile Mechanic Insurance

Setting up in business as a mobile mechanic may be easy and straightforward enough – keeping existing customers happy and finding new ones might prove more of a challenge.

It is a highly competitive field and – as the BBC’s Watchdog programme pointed out, potential customers are likely to be asking some searching questions of you and your competition. One way of staying ahead of the field and convincing customers that you take your business seriously and that their car is in safe hands is to point to the mobile mechanic insurance that safeguards you and your work.

You may have it already but before simply renewing the policy when it’s next up for renewal, here are 4 considerations to keep in mind.

  1. Everything changes

We live in a fast-changing world – and what was appropriate for your business last year may be quite different today. The vehicles you are working on may have changed, the skills needed to repair them may be different, and the insurance products that are available to help safeguard you and your work may have been refined and developed.

As specialists in the provision of mobile mechanic insurance, here at Road Runner Insurance, we keep fully abreast of all those changes. Our extensive knowledge of this niche in the wider insurance market helps us to ensure that the cover you buy is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Whether the nature of your business as a mobile mechanic has grown or new insurance products have emerged on the market, we may help to ensure you remain appropriately covered, at a competitive price.

  1. The cover you need

One of your principal concerns, for example, might be the inclusion in your insurance policy of indemnity against claims of defective workmanship. If the work you have done on a customer’s vehicle has contributed to their being injured in an accident or have suffered a financial loss, you may be considered negligent and ordered to pay substantial damages.

Mobile mechanic insurance is designed to offer indemnity against such claims and to provide you with the financial wherewithal for the legal costs in defending yourself.

That liability insurance needs to be proportionate to the nature and scale of your business, so it is important to check that it continues to provide sufficient cover before you automatically renew your existing policy.

  1. Employers’ liability insurance

Has your business done well enough during the past year for you to take on an assistant or helper with your mobile repairs or perhaps someone to man the office back at base?

If that is the case, remember that you must have employers liability insurance (of at least £5 million) to comply with the law and to ensure you are able to meet claims from any employee who is injured or contracts a medical condition because of their work for you.

You face fines of up to £2,500 if you do not have it, so include your employers’ liability cover in your mobile mechanic insurance at the first opportunity.

  1. Premises, tools and equipment

Saving money on your mobile mechanic insurance also requires a review of any cover you may need for your premises, tools and equipment.

If you have recently acquired a workshop or other premises from which to operate your business, for example, or invested in additional tools and equipment, remember to upgrade the relevant sums insured.