Economical Cars

Economic cars are designed to be low-cost to purchase and run. Their compact nature helps makes them the perfect city and town cars. They are frequently designed to be low-emission, and their main appeal is their high miles per gallon (MPG) – supposedly reducing the cost of fuel.

The emissions scandal of 2015/2016 that hit Volkswagen has led to questions over just how accurate emissions rating actually are. With over 1.2 million British cars affected by the scandal, some have been reluctant to convert to an economic vehicle without the guarantees of a beneficial conversion.

That being said, there are still benefits to be had from choosing an economic car, and they should by no means be avoided. Actual MPG assessments, as well as other features, will give you a better indication of the economic benefits.

First, consider what is most important to you. Are you happy to compromise on space in favour of cost? Create a shortlist of features you absolutely MUST have, and work from there.

Three Eco Cars you may like to consider

Skoda Citigo – The Skoda Citigo is a small city car without the high price tag. Its official MPG comes in at 62.8 but What Car? has ranked its true MPG at 55.2%

Suzuki Baleno – A bigger hatchback; ideal for a town car where space is a necessity. Despite its increased capacity, the Suzuki Baleno still manages to have (according to What Car?) the same true MPG as the Citigo at 55.2%.

Dacia Sandero – Does well in both town and motorway driving, making it a great vehicle for those who mix up their driving. What Car? rates its true MPG at 52.8 only 4.8% off its official MPG rate of 55.4

Base your car choice around your requirements, not just what has been recommended. There’s no point in selecting a petite hatchback if you have four kids to fit, or opting for extra size if you struggle to find a large enough parking spot.

Try test driving a couple to see which size and set up suits you. Speak to relatives and friends to see how they find their vehicles, and whether they run true to predictions. That way you can ensure your vehicle not only supports low emissions, but also supports you.

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