Motor Trade Insurance from Home

Motor trade insurance policies can cover a variety of trading premises, including those businesses which trade from their home. However, it’s important that you consider how your operation will be affected by various elements when taking out motor trade insurance for businesses within your home. Motor specific business insurance can be flexible according to industry type.

The breakdown

You must be a genuine motor trader to qualify for motor trade insurance, regardless of where you are operating from. Motor trade insurance is not applicable for those who simply want to cover themselves to drive multiple vehicles. Particularly if you are trading from home, insurance companies may require proof of your trading status.

Motor trade insurance is required when a customer has left their vehicle in your care, meaning that it is no longer covered by their own personal insurance. Importantly, motor trader does not need to be your full time occupation; it may be that you work part-time as a self-employed mechanic from home. If this is the case, you can still qualify for motor trade insurance (although your policy may not cover you to use vehicles during any other work, e.g driving to an office job).

Whether dealing with sales, maintenance, scrap, salvage, dismantling, mechanics, working with prestige vehicles and supercars, as a dealership or individual sales operator, or as a self-employed mechanic, policies can be tailored to requirements.

The cover

Cover will vary according to what is requested, so, even if operating from home, provide as much detail as possible to your insurance provider. Due to the flexibility and malleability of motor trade policies, you only need to pay for the elements you actually need to cover. So if you are an independent trader or working from home, it’s possible to save money by being specific. You can also include legal insurance, business interruption insurance and personal accident and sickness cover, so that, if you’re self-employed and rely on your individual labour for income, in the event of an incident you could be covered for loss of income.

Motor trade insurance, thanks to its flexibility, is ideal for those who are operating from home. Get in touch with Road Runner if you would like to find out more about motor trade insurance for your home business, or to insure your motor trade business today. We offer a huge variety of motor trade insurance cover, including premises cover, road risks cover and motor trade liability insurance. Call us on 03301 00 87 20.