What Are The Safest Countries To Drive In?

It is estimated that around the globe, someone is killed on the roads every 30 seconds; if you’re heading out on holiday this summer, here are the safest countries to drive in.

5. Sweden

3 deaths per 100,000

Sweden’s road network is renowned for being extremely high quality, particularly on the Swedish freeways. Swedish drivers are relatively calm compared to other drivers in Southern Europe. When driving in Sweden, it is a legal requirement to have your headlights on (even during the day) although most Swedish cars are made with automatic lights. Swedish road hazards mainly include wild animals and driving at sunrise and sunset.

4. Iceland

2.8 deaths per 100,000

With a small population of just 330,000 inhabitants, the main means of driving around Iceland is via the scenic paved ring road, known as Rte. 1. The ring road is 832 miles long, and is a single carriageway. Icelandic driving hazards include: being distracted (and it’s hard not to when in such beautiful views) and some of the narrower and rural roads in the highlands.

3. Maldives

1.9 deaths per 100,000

Nestled in the Indian Ocean is the breathtaking Maldives. Island life means that most Maldivian islands can be explored on foot within 30 minutes, which may account for why there are rarely any car fatalities. The main methods of transport in the Maldives include seaplanes, boats, and Maldivian taxis. Independent travel outside of the tourist spots is discouraged, as it is seen as a disruption to the local Maldivian communities.

2. Federated States of Micronesia

1.8 deaths per 100,000

The Federated States of Micronesia is made up of 607 islands in the North Pacific. Cars drive on the right in Micronesia, even though a majority of cars are also right hand drives (which can make driving a little tricky). Despite road conditions being less than ideal due to poorly educated drivers and poorly maintained road surfaces, there are only 1.8 deaths per 100,000 people. Speed limits are low, with top speeds of around 30mph in most areas.

1. San Marino

0 deaths per 100,000

San Marino is officially the safest place to drive in the world! Situated near Northern Italy, the Republic of San Marino is extremely safe, with zero deaths a year. San Marino driving laws include a legal alcohol driving limit of 0.05%, valid car insurance, and no smoking or using a mobile phone while driving. Speed limits are similar to the UK, with a 30mph limit in built up areas, and 56 mph outside of built up areas.

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