Using SMART Repairs To Increase The Value Of Your Car

There are lots of suggestions out there on how to make your car more valuable when you want to sell it. Why not try SMART repairs? SMART repairs are ‘Small and Medium Area Repair Technique’ repairs. This technique of repairing vehicles has taken off in recent years, and is beneficial if you want to sell your car.

What are SMART repairs?

SMART repairs are a quick and cost efficient way of repairing damaged areas of a car without the need to replace whole parts. SMART repairs can often be completed in a couple of hours, meaning you can expect to be on the road sooner rather than later in comparison to traditional bodyshop repairs. Read more about SMART repairs here.

Benefits of SMART repairs

●     As SMART repairs only focus on a small area, they tend to be much lower in cost. You can get a dent in your door fixed without the need to have your whole door removed.
●     The lower costs of SMART repairs means that you won’t have the need to make a claim through your insurance.
●     Mobile SMART repair services are extremely convenient as they can visit your home to fix your vehicle; in most cases, repairs are done on the same day!

How can SMART repairs increase car value?

You may be able to go about your life with a few scratches or dents on your car, but this isn’t a good thing if you’re trying to sell your car. One car valuation expert, Phil Nothard from CAP, a car valuation company, spoke to The Telegraph; Phil said that opting to get SMART repairs done depends on the price of the car you’re selling.

Phil says, “If you’re hoping to get £2,000 it’s probably not worth spending £100 on SMART repairs. If you’re selling it for £8,000 to £9,000 it definitely is worthwhile. I think more often than not, SMART repairs will pay for themselves.”

Phil adds that, “Even if scratches or chips are just manually touched in, it takes the eye off them. If buyers spot things like scratches they’ll start looking for more damage. I’m not suggesting people re-spray their whole bonnet here but a SMART repair can be very effective.”

Other factors that increase car value

●     Service history – a car without a service history is estimated to be worth 20% less. A survey done by Tootle found that 28% of drivers said they didn’t know that a car without a service history would be worth less.
●     Clean and valet – it may sound silly, but having a clean car adds to its value – and will put off a potential buyer from buying someone else’s cleaner car. You can clean and valet it yourself, or pay someone else to do it. One product manager at Halfords says that spending just £30 on car cleaning essentials can make your car’s value increase up to £200. According to Paul Normyle, founder of vehicle cleaning service ‘Shine’ if you get a professional to do it, you can expect up to £1,000 of added value.

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