What your website is lacking

Practically every business these days has its own website – and motor traders are no exception. Websites have taken over much of the role of the traditional shop window or vehicle showroom and represent your window on the world, broadcasting your message to thousands of potential clients at the click of a button.

Some websites play that role well, by attracting tens of thousands of visitors – others less so. What is it that is likely to make the biggest difference?

Here at Road Runner Insurance we see our fair share of motor trade websites and have come to the conclusion that what is lacking can be good quality, eye-catching and informative photos.

If the website is your virtual showroom, after all, it must be capable of displaying every aspect of your service offering – and professionally commissioned photos may do just that.

An insider’s view

Giving an insider’s view of the general quality and appeal of motor traders’ websites, for instance, Motor Trader magazine carried an article on the 18th of July 2017 about a recent survey of customers’ reactions to dealers’ websites they had visited:

  • there was general disappointment about the lack of photos on dealers’ websites;
  • 47% also complained that what photos there were, offered no reviews of the cars on display;
  • a further 38% complained about there being no dealer reviews to accompany the photos;
  • the lack of photos was noticed and commented upon most widely by younger online visitors (those aged 20-34), more than half of whom made that complaint, but the disappointment was also shared by 42% of customers in the 50-69 age group;
  • in terms of a presence on social media, however, dealers seem to be doing somewhat better, with only 10% of those surveyed saying that they encountered any problem.

Another insider, Auto Trader magazine, echoed the view that photos speak more than a thousand words. It found that a whopping 43% of website visitors dismissed the page if it had less than 3 photos, no matter how many words were used to describe a car and that 49% of them expect to see a minimum of 10 photos.

Even more potential website visitors – 67% – do not even click through to the relevant pages if only poor quality photos are displayed and immediately move on to a rival’s website.

A Brokers view

At Road Runner Insurance, we take a keen interest in every aspect of the relationship you maintain with your customers. When we offer advice on or arrange your motor trade insurance cover, we share your ultimate aim of safeguarding your business from a wide range of risks.

As a specialist motor trade insurance broker, Road Runner Insurance can help you with every aspect of your motor trade insurance cover.  We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch with us today – visit our website or see us on social media, telephone, email or even write to us.