Broker Login

Login to your Road Runner account to access your online account, update clients, view policy documents and request new Road Risks and Liability quotes.

Road Runner Account login

Our online Road Runner platform provides a quick and simple Vehicle Management solution to ensure the Motor Insurance Database is kept up-to-date, ability for your clients to view their insurance documents and upload any relevant information.

This is for:

  • Existing agencies to log into the Vehicle Management platform
  • Requesting a new Road Risks and/or Liability quote

You cannot request a Combined quote via your online account. Please use Road Runner Plus.


If you’ve yet to apply for a Road Runner agency, please apply now

Combined quote

For your SME motor trade clients requiring a combined package quote, we also provide a solution with our Road Runner Plus product.

This is for:

  • Requesting a new Combined quote for SME businesses with up to 10 employees

You do not need a Road Runner account to request a combined quote.


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