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Managing your vehicles
With you for the long haul

We’ve been with you for over 25 years and we’re not going to stop now. During these tough and unpredictable times, we want you to know that our team remains as dedicated as ever to supporting you.

We are:

  • on the end of the phone to help you with any queries
  • responding to your emails
  • ensuring vehicle updates are completed in good time
  • issuing documents via email
  • issuing renewal terms via our online portal and email.

As always – if you need to get in touch, just call us on 0330 100 87 20 or send us an email.

A team that’s built around you

We’ve got a whole team in place to help you with any needs you might have – whether that’s making changes to your policy, renewing it, or simply making vehicle changes that you need to tell the Motor Insurance Database about. So don’t worry – we’re here to support you if you need us. And if for any reason we can’t open when we normally would, we’ll always do our best to let you know beforehand.

To make a claim, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. Your policy will explain exactly how to do this and list the phone numbers you need to get directly in touch with the right team.

If you want to take a look over our policy wordings and summaries, as well as other useful guides such as a list of restricted vehicles and booklets from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, head over to our documents hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a claim and what should I do?

To report a claim, you need to call AXA Insurance plc on 0370 900 1753. Please refer to the Policy Conditions Claims procedures and requirements for more detail.

How soon can you cover a new vehicle?

Cover is effective immediately, as long as your policy gives cover for the type of vehicle involved. It’s up to you to tell us this for MID purposes, which you can do online.

Why don't you ask for the purchase or sale date when I notify vehicles for MID purposes?

Our policy covers vehicles that you own, but we don’t need to know the date you bought or sold them. As long as the vehicle is owned by you and otherwise of a type covered by the policy, and it’s used and driven within the terms and conditions of your policy, then you will be covered. Just make sure you keep all transaction receipts so you can provide proof of ownership or sale if asked to do so by the police.

Can I change the level of cover my policy provides during the period of insurance?

Yes you can, although any increase or decrease in cover will most likely affect your premium so give us a call to find out more.

Please note that you cannot add Protected No Claims Bonus during the period of insurance so, if you want this cover too, make sure it’s included when the policy starts or when you renew.

Can I renew my policy online?

Yes, you can renew online as soon as we’ve sent you your renewal details.

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