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Brokers, we’re with you

We run a wholesale motor trade insurance solution for brokers who are looking to place insurance for independent motor trade professionals.

Road Runner for Brokers is dedicated to you. We offer the same service and products with the same team available to help you. For your SME motor trade clients who need a flexible combined package quote, we also offer Road Runner Plus – a standard and consistent data capture platform that provides flexible combined packages.

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We’re always here to help. Call us on 020 8633 8470 or email us:

How can we help you?

Road Runner can help you with the following:

  • Apply for an agency – join Road Runner as a sub-broker
  • As a sub-broker, through your online account, update vehicles on behalf of your client, make changes to your account and view client policy documents
  • Get a quote for your client’s Road Risks/Liability cover through your online account
  • Get a quote for your SME client’s Combined cover, via Road Runner Plus (no agency required)

Work with Road Runner as a sub-broker – apply for an agency.

You’ll find some answers on our Broker FAQs page or you can simply get in touch.

I've got a quote. How do I put my client 'on cover' with you?

Firstly, we hope the cover options and quote we’ve provided work well for you and your client. The next step is to put the client on risk with us. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Agree with your client how they are going to pay. You can take payment in full from them, use your own premium credit facility, or offer them our instalment facility. Details of the payment options available are contained within the quote.
  • Complete the ‘Confirmation of Responsibility for Payment’ sent to you with the quote. It will confirm the exact process you need to follow to put your client on cover, based on your agency status with us.
  • Send the ‘Confirmation of Responsibility for Payment‘ to us by email. Please note that cover is only effective from the date and time shown on our Cover Note or Certificate of Insurance. If you need cover to start immediately, please give us a call to ensure we have received the ‘Confirmation of Responsibility for Payment’.
How do I apply for an agency with Road Runner?

You can find more information on this website about working with us as a sub-broker. If you want to apply, just complete our application form and return it to us using the contact details provided on the form. We look forward to working with you.

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