Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Even if you're not working in the motor trade industry full-time, having the right level of protection is still vital. That's where Road Runner part-time motor trade insurance comes into its own. Get the cover you need for the amount you work – it's as simple as that.

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What is part-time motor trade insurance?

Our part-time motor trade insurance offers all the features and benefits of a standard policy, just with added flexibility for part-time traders – because we know not everyone follows the same working patterns.

You might buy and sell a few cars on the side, service vehicles in your spare time or restore old cars to sell on for a profit. Whatever you do, it’s important you find the best part-time motor trade insurance for your specific needs.

Why get part-time motor trade insurance?

Working part-time doesn’t separate you from risk when delivering your services to clients. But the cost of a standard annual insurance policy can be hard to justify, particularly if you don’t have a full-time level of income.

That’s where a Road Runner part-time motor trade insurance policy tailored to your working patterns could be ideal. You’ll save money, avoid pointless extras and get the cover you need, when you need it.

We don’t mind that you don’t trade full-time – we’re still more than happy to cover you for the time you do work. Plus, we may even be able to provide ‘additional business use’ if you have a main occupation elsewhere. If you already work in the motor trade as your main job, even better!

What does part-time motor trade insurance cover?

We offer different part-time motor trade insurance policies depending on the type of cover you’re looking for. Our core offering includes:

  • Road Risks insurance so that you can road test customer vehicles, or be protected for a sales vehicle that you’ve only just bought
  • Liability insurance to protect you against third-party claims, fake or not
  • Premises insurance to protect against loss or damage to your equipment, tools, or trading premises

Just because you only work part-time, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find the right insurance for you and the services you provide to your clients.

The fact you work part-time shouldn’t limit the range of motor trade insurance options available to you. At Road Runner, we can also offer the following with our part-time policies:

  • Comprehensive cover, not Third Party only – so you’ll be protected in the event of damage or theft
  • Cover for all vehicles owned by the Policyholder and/or the Policyholder’s spouse if they’re a named driver
  • Accompanied demonstration cover to allow potential buyers to test-drive any vehicles that you offer for sale
  • Additional business use, which covers your own vehicles for use in conjunction with your main occupation

How much does part-time motor trade insurance cost?

Our policies are always uniquely tailored to your needs and requirements, even if you are part-time. Because of this tailored approach, the cost of part-time motor trade insurance can vary depending on a few key factors. These include:

  • The level of cover required
  • Your specific motor trade
  • The value of your premises, tools and equipment
  • Your business location
  • How much your work

If you’re looking for a specific figure, get a part-time motor trade insurance online quote today and let’s get you covered.

What do I need to consider when choosing part-time motor trade insurance?

Before you get in touch with Road Runner to discuss your part-time motor trade insurance quote, it’s a good idea to think about your reasons for needing cover. It’s much easier for us to help you to find the right policy if we know a thing or two about how you prefer to work. Make sure that you’ve considered:

  • The need to insure customers’ vehicles so that you can road-test them;
  • The money tied up in a vehicle if it’s damaged or stolen;
  • The likelihood of a claim as a result of work that you have carried out;
  • Covering the value of lost or stolen tools;
  • Potential savings that you could make by including cover for your main occupation as an extension to your part-time motor trade insurance
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Our Criteria

We ask all customers to meet the following criteria before we give you a part-time motor trade insurance quote and cover you:

  • You and all drivers are aged 23 and upwards
  • You are actively operating a motor trade business for profit or income
  • You and all drivers have never been disqualified from driving nor been convicted of driving with no insurance
  • You and all drivers have no criminal convictions not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act nor have any criminal convictions pending
  • You, any partners, directors, employees or drivers have never had a policy cancelled, declined, been refused renewal nor had any special terms or premiums imposed

Get covered with part-time motor trade insurance from Road Runner

We’ve been supporting businesses in the motor trades for over 25 years, so we’ve got a wealth of experience to call on when it comes to yours. Don’t worry; there’s no obligation to buy if we’re not right for you, so be sure to get a quote online for part-time motor trade insurance today.

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us by phone from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, or drop us an email whenever it suits you. If you’d prefer we ring you, we’re more than happy to do that too.

Ready to get Part-Time Motor Trade insurance?

Part-time motor trade insurance FAQs

Who is classed as a motor trader?

A sole trader, partnership or limited company involved in the buying and selling, transportation, recovery, servicing and repair of vehicles is classed as a motor trader and can be insured under one of our part-time motor trade insurance policies in the UK. That’s why we offer products such as part-time mobile mechanic insurance and tailored packages to help motor traders of all kinds.
If you’re looking for more information, you can check which trades we cover here.

Is motor trade insurance a legal requirement?

Technically, motor trade insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, no matter if you’re full or part-time. However, individual elements may be needed for certain activities. For example, driving any sort of vehicle on public roads, whether it be for testing a customer car or transporting a new purchase, requires you to have road risk insurance in place.
Motor trade insurance is recommended for businesses to protect them from a range of operational risks, such as public liability, theft, premises damage, vehicle damage and road accidents. Get in touch with our team at Road Runner to discuss your part-time insurance needs.

Is traders' insurance fully comprehensive?

Each insurer offers something different but our part-time motor trade insurance policies can come complete with comprehensive cover if needed. This adds another layer of protection, giving you greater confidence that your business can cope with whatever bumps in the road lay ahead.

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