Existing Customer FAQs

Do I need to tell you if there are any changes to my business?

Yes, you must tell us about any changes that may affect your insurance as soon as you can. If you are in any doubt, please get in touch and we can advise you.

I’m signed up to volunteer with the NHS volunteering scheme – what do I need to know?

If you or your spouse are using your own car for volunteering in support of those impacted by COVID-19, such as transporting medicines or groceries, then we’re happy to confirm your cover will not be affected. And don’t worry – you don’t need to let us know that you’re volunteering either.

How soon can you cover a new vehicle?

Cover is effective immediately, as long as your policy gives cover for the type of vehicle involved. It’s up to you to tell us this for MID purposes, which you can do online.

How do I notify you of vehicles that have been bought or sold?

You can let us know us when you buy or sell a vehicle by either:

  • Submitting the details using our online form
  • Speaking to one of the customer service team on 03301 00 87 20 (Option 3)
  • Emailing us at cs@roadrunnerinsurance.co.uk
Who is entitled to drive vehicles on my motor trade policy?

We issue all our policies on a named driver basis. This means there is only cover for drivers that are named on your Certificate of Motor Insurance, and we allow up to seven named drivers.

The only time an unnamed driver would be covered is if you have ‘accompanied demonstration’ use as part of your policy and the driver is test driving the vehicle with a view to buying it.

If you want to add or delete a driver, just call us on 03301 00 87 20 (Option 3).

I want to travel abroad. Do I need a green card?

If you are travelling to an EU country, the minimum legal requirement applies,  which may not be the same level of cover you have in the UK. In order for us to continue providing your usual level of cover when you’re travelling abroad, you need to ask us for an extension of cover and tell us each time you travel outside of the UK.

Please call our customer service team on 03301 00 87 20 (Option 3) if you’ve got any foreign travel requests or questions.

Will I be able to drive my cars for private use?

If you own it, then yes. Only vehicles owned by the Policyholder or the Policyholder’s spouse (if they are a named driver) can be driven for private use. Where the Policyholder is a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership the vehicles must be owned by the Ltd Co or LLP.

However, your Certificate of Motor Insurance will confirm how each named driver on the policy can use the vehicle, so it’s important you check that. If you’re still unsure, please call our customer service team on 03301 00 87 20 (Option 3).

Can I change the level of cover my policy provides during the period of insurance?

Yes you can, although any increase or decrease in cover will most likely affect your premium so give us a call to find out more.

Please note that you cannot add Protected No Claims Bonus during the period of insurance so, if you want this cover too, make sure it’s included when the policy starts or when you renew.

Why don't you ask for the purchase or sale date when I notify vehicles for MID purposes?

Our policy covers vehicles that you own, but we don’t need to know the date you bought or sold them. As long as the vehicle is owned by you and otherwise of a type covered by the policy, and it’s used and driven within the terms and conditions of your policy, then you will be covered. Just make sure you keep all transaction receipts so you can provide proof of ownership or sale if asked to do so by the police.

Why won't the MID update form recognise my vehicle details?

The form uses a third party database to look up registration details and every so often it doesn’t recognise a specific registration number. If this is the case, you can either manually type the details into the form yourself or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Where can I get a list of the vehicles currently notified to MID by Road Runner on my behalf?

We send you a current list of vehicles every time we make a change on your behalf. If you don’t have a copy to hand, please get in touch and ask for one. We’ll send it to you by email or post.

You can also check www.askmid.com to see if an individual vehicle is listed on the Motor Insurance Database.

What windscreen cover is provided under my policy?

All Comprehensive policies automatically include windscreen and window breakage cover for vehicles owned by the Policyholder or the Policyholders spouse (if they are a named driver). Where the Policyholder is a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership the vehicles must be owned by the Ltd Co or LLP.

Just so you know, the annual limit is £1,000 and there’s a £100 replacement excess – reduced to £Nil for repairs when they’re carried out by AXA’s approved repairer network. You can find the AXA Glassline number in your Policy Schedule.

What is the difference between a Cover Note and Certificate of Motor Insurance?

A Cover Note is a temporary Certificate of Motor Insurance, which means it has the same legal standing as a Certificate of Motor Insurance. The only difference is the time period for which it’s issued. We normally issue a Cover Note when a policy first starts – generally when we’re waiting for you to provide us with certain supporting documents, such as proof of no claims bonus or copies of driving licences.

Can I renew my policy online?

Yes, you can renew online as soon as we’ve sent you your renewal details.

How do I get access to the online portal?

Just let us know a valid email address for you and we’ll use it to set up your account.

Will this policy allow me to drive other vehicles that I don’t own?

The only vehicles you can drive that you don’t own are vehicles that are in your care, custody or control for the motor trade business stated in your policy documentation. Essentially, this means your customers’ vehicles only. Driving them is also restricted just to motor trade business use, and we don’t provide any other extension for driving other vehicles in our policies.