General FAQs

What is Insurance Premium Tax?

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a tax controlled by the government, who decide how much it should be. We are required by law to add the current rate of IPT to all insurance premiums but we never add it to our fees.

Are there any restrictions on how a vehicle is used when it’s being driven under motor trade insurance?

Yes, there are a few. Only vehicles owned by the Policyholder or the Policyholder’s spouse (if they are a named driver) can be driven for private use. Where the Policyholder is a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership the vehicles must be owned by the Ltd Co or LLP.

Customers’ vehicles can only be driven for motor trade purposes – you cannot drive them for any other reason.

If you’re unsure, your Certificate of Motor Insurance confirms how each named driver on the policy can use the vehicle so make sure you check that – and, if you still have questions, please call our customer service team on 03301 00 87 20 (Option 3).

Why do I have to pay an administration fee?

The administration fee is part of the way we are paid for providing our services to you. Our Terms of Business set out the fees we may charge for different transactions and we always tell you what these are in advance. The premiums we quote you include our fees – and details of these are set out in all your policy documentation. Our instalment options, which we explain on our how to pay, enable you to include the fee in any instalment plan you choose, if that’s how you’d like to pay.

How much does it cost to call a '03' number?

Calls to our ‘03’ numbers cost no more than calls to other geographic numbers such as 01 or 02, and they’re covered by inclusive minutes as part of any mobile phone contract. The exact cost will depend on whether you’re using a mobile phone or landline, and the agreement you have with your provider.

Just so you know, we don’t make any money from calls to us. We actually moved to ’03’ numbers to help save our customers money.

What do you mean by indemnity limit?

The indemnity limit is the amount we would pay out for any one claim or number of claims that come out of one event. This is doubled in any one period of insurance.

How do I report a claim and what should I do?

To report a claim, you need to call AXA Insurance plc on 0370 900 1753. Please refer to the Policy Conditions Claims procedures and requirements for more detail.

Can I teach my children to drive on my policy?

We can extend your policy to let you to teach your spouse, your children, your grandchildren or your nieces and nephews to learn to drive – as long as they’re accompanied by a driver named on your certificate of motor insurance under ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ use, or when they’re accompanied by an Official Examiner of the Department of the Environment.