Premium Credit FAQs

How do I make a change to my Premium Credit Ltd agreement?

If you’ve already registered with Premium Credit Ltd to use their online services, you can access your account at

Or, if you’d rather, you can call them on 0344 736 9836 to discuss any changes you need to make.

I have a query regarding my direct debit payments – who should I speak to?

Please contact Premium Credit Ltd on 0344 736 9836 and they will be able to help. If you’ve already created an online account, you can access it at

When are payments taken from my bank account by Premium Credit Ltd?

Premium Credit Ltd will have sent you confirmation in writing of the payment dates and amounts. If you did not receive this you can either:

  • Go online and use their website to check the details if you’ve registered for an account; or
  • Contact Premium Credit Ltd by telephone for confirmation of payment details: 0344 736 9836.
Where can I find more help about my Premium Credit Ltd account?

If you have any other questions about Premium Credit Ltd, please visit the ‘Help’ section of their website at:

Who takes my monthly direct debit payments?

Your loan agreement is with Premium Credit Ltd, and their company name will appear on your bank statements – not ours.