Motor Trade FAQs

If you have customer’s vehicles in your care, custody and/or control for the purpose of carrying on your business in the motor trade, you probably need a motor trade Road Risks policy. It will allow you to road test, collect or deliver a vehicle prior to and immediately after repair, service, valeting, MOT test or other work on it.

If you are involved in Vehicle Sales, it covers vehicles you have acquired for trade purposes whilst being collected and/or delivered immediately after purchase or immediately prior to sale. It can also cover accompanied demonstration use.

Speak to our Sales Team on 03301 00 87 20 (Option 1) to get a free quote and arrange cover. We take payment over the phone for immediate cover and offer a range of Payment Options. You can also request a quote online.

If you would like us to call you, please complete our online form and we will call you back.

Yes, you can opt to pay an additional premium to protect your no claims bonus on your policy. Please ask us when you take out the policy or renew it. This cannot be added during the policy period.

They must be the property of the policyholder or the policyholder’s spouse where they are a named driver on the policy. Cover applies under the Road Risks and Premises policies. We cannot cover vehicles owned by an employee. There are also certain restrictions on the types that can be covered and the extent of cover available for certain vehicles. We will explain any relevant restrictions as part of our quote. If you already have a policy with us, your policy schedule will include details of the restricted vehicles

The issue of fraud in the motor insurance market generally is well publicised. One way we can help protect you from the cost of this is by requesting a copy driving licence for all drivers insured on one of our policies. 

Please send us current copies of the back and front of the driving licence photocard and the DVLA share code for all drivers as it is written.  When providing this information you will need to obtain prior permission from all the drivers

Log onto the Government website ( and obtain the DVLA share code for each driver.

Yes. We offer a range of instalment options. See details of ‘How to pay’ for more information.

Certain restrictions do apply. It must be used in accordance with the cover provided. This can be motor trade use only, social domestic please and commuting or additional business use. The use provided will often be different for each driver. The Cover Note or Certificate of insurance will detail this. One specific restriction is that customer’s vehicles can only be driven for motor trade purposes – you cannot drive them for any other purpose.

Yes. As long as your involvement in the motor trade is as a business, not as a hobby, we can probably provide you with motor trade insurance. We may also be able to provide cover for driving in connection with your main occupation. Please ask.

See our guide to cover for ‘Part Time Motor Trade Insurance‘.

Road Runner can provide cover for motor traders working with motorcycles. We can also insure a motorbike owned by you for social domestic pleasure and commuting use. Depending on your age and the type of motorcycle, some restrictions in cover may apply. Please ask one of the team for advice if you have any involvement with motorbikes.

We treat trikes in the same way as motorcycles. If you own trikes, or work with them for motor trade purposes, please let us know so we can ensure your policy provides cover

Quads and all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are a very specialist type of vehicle and if you own one, it would need to be insured under its own policy. If you work with quads or ATV’s occasionally as part of your motor trade business, please talk to us. We may be able to provide cover.

Working with HGV’s can be considered subject to certain criteria being met. Please call for further information on 0330 100 8720

We are unable to provide cover for any personally owned vehicles modified to improve performance. Consideration may be given to cosmetically modified vehicles.

We can provide cover for tools and fixed plant and machinery in your van. This is subject to security requirements being met. Please contact us for full details. 

The demonstration cover we offer is accompanied demonstration use which means a prospective purchaser can test drive a vehicle prior to purchase provided that they are accompanied by a driver named on your certificate of motor insurance having motor trade business use. 

This extension will exclude family members or anyone in your employment. Additional excesses apply to young and inexperienced drivers. 

If you buy and sell motorcycles, unaccompanied demonstration use is available subject to additional requirements. Please contact us on 0330 100 87 20 for full details. 

If you have employees who work for you in both business’ we can consider allowing additional business use on your road risks policy for the additional occupation as long as this additional occupation is acceptable to us. Please contact us on 0330 100 87 20 for further details. 

We can provide cover for stock of vehicles. This is subject to security requirements being met. Please contact us for further details. 

Trade licence plates can save you time and money, you will not have to register and tax every vehicle temporarily in your possession and yes, we can cover them on your policy.

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