Motor Trade Insurance Cost Guide

Whether you’re full time or part-time working in the motor trade, Road Runner can help you with your traders’ insurance.

We offer cover for three key types of insurance: Road Risks, Liability and Premises. But how much is a typical policy?

How much does a motor trade insurance policy cost?

That depends on the number of things including:

  • How long you have been trading;
  • Types of trade activity and the risk associated with it;
  • Your age and location of your business;
  • Number of drivers on the policy;
  • Number of claims you have made over the years, if any;
  • Your driving record and CCJ against you.

At Road Runner, we aim to provide you with cover suited to your area of the trade, at a competitive price. You can speak to us today on 0208 633 8407 to find out how much your motor trade insurance would cost.

Does Road Runner offer any payment options?

When you get a quote from us, we will send you a ‘Premium Payment Options’ document, which will set out the exact amount due to us and the premium finance options that may be available to you. It also contains our bank details if you wish to pay us by bank transfer.

We allow customers to pay by Direct Debit, in either six or ten instalments, subject to conditions.

How can I keep my motor trade Insurance premium low?

While your insurance premium is generally based on the risks associated with your business operation, some things to keep in mind include:

  • Don’t misrepresent your motor trade business, provide all the details, as not doing so could cost you more in the long run;
  • Build up your no claims discount – you can speak to us about how you can do this if taking out a new policy;
  • Increasing your excess, the amount you would pay in the event of making a claim, can help;
  • Reduce number of drivers on the policy;
  • Pay all at once – paying in instalments will increase the cost due to interest;
  • Ensure vehicles and any trading premises adequately secured;
  • Location – the location of your trade operation can have an impact on premium.
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