5 May 2020

Are you a mobile mechanic? There’s insurance cover for that…

By Road Runner
Mobile mechanic

What is mobile mechanic insurance?

A lot of people assume that mobile mechanic insurance is the same as standard traders’ insurance, however this isn’t the case. It’s designed to cover traders who repair customer vehicles either at the roadside or at customer premises, and to drive the vehicle if required.

Because of this, tools may be deemed not as secure as if they were at a fixed premise, as working by the roadside may increase risks.

Mobile traders are likely to be operating from a van, transporting tools and equipment as they go. Depending on your choice of insurer and policy, there may be requirements around the security of your vehicle if you are storing tools in it, particularly overnight and in a public place (e.g. at the roadside).

What cover is right for me?

As a mobile mechanic, your primary requirement will be road risks insurance, as you are likely to not be premises based but essentially dealing with customers vehicles.

You may also find it beneficial to explore motor trade liability insurance.

Road Runner can offer mobile motor traders a road risks insurance or liability policy, which suits your needs, with the option to insure the tools in your van, plant, stock and machinery.

Liability insurance is particularly useful if you are dealing with multiple customers’ vehicles on a regular basis, as the possibility of a claim against you being made by a customer may well increase.

What kind of cover is available?

With Road Runner, we offer a range of cover to suit you. This includes:

  • Goods, machinery, plant and portable hand tools insurance, as well as specific cover for stock left in your van overnight.
  • Collecting and returning vehicles? Extend a comprehensive road risks policy to provide cover for vehicles in transit.
  • Products liability to protect against third party claims.

As a mobile mechanic, you are often called out to fix customers’ vehicles at short notice, often becoming a saviour of sorts.

That’s why at Road Runner, we’re with you.

Mobile Mechanic FAQs – what do I need to know?

How much is mobile mechanic insurance?

This depends on multiple factors such as your location, age and trading patterns such as the value of your vehicle, how secure it is and where it is parked. If you decide to take out more comprehensive liability cover, instead of only third party, then your premium is likely to be more. However, you will be better covered in the event of an incident involving customers.

Your experience in the trade and no claims record will also play a part in how much you pay. Try not to rush to make a claim, as we explain in our article on keeping your trade tools secure.

I am only working part time – do I need insurance?

Yes, if you are trading as a business and not a hobby then part-time cover may be best for your requirements as you can get a policy which covers you when you need it to. Traders’ insurance is quite expansive, so speak to our team to determine what type of cover is right for you.

I have two businesses, where I employ traders, but work part time – will you ensure my employees?

If you have employees who work for you in both businesses, we can consider allowing additional business use on your road risks policy for the additional occupation if this additional occupation is acceptable to us. Please contact us on 0330 100 87 20 for further details.

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