21 December 2023

Car models that died in 2023

By Road Runner

Bid farewell and remember the car models discontinued in 2023 from the Audi R8 to the Ford Fiesta and Lamborghini Aventador

As we get in the holiday spirit and wind down 2023, it’s the most wonderful time of year for all kinds of lists. And cars and the motor trade are no exception. This year we’ve decided to make this a fond, festive farewell to a magnificent seven cars we’ve said ‘bye’ to over the last twelve months. From the mighty Lamborghini Aventador giving its last roar to the sad whisper of the legendary Ford Fiesta, here’s some of the motors that have made their last appearance on the production line.

1. Lamborghini Aventador

While some may call it a sad and lingering death as the sub-700 Aventador Ultimaes was already drawing its final breath, the optimists among us are calling out a rebirth as the all-singing, all-dancing V-12 makes an appearance. And while the singing and dancing bit may be a slight bending of the facts, what you will get is a plug-in hybrid with a dual-clutch transmission. That cancels out the common pain and frustration Aventador drivers felt towards the ISR. That said, there will be many mourners on social media sharing a collective grief for the demise of the Aventador’s impossibly good looks which ruled the Instagram roost for many years. But with so many images remaining, this supercar can now remain forever beautiful.

2. Audi R8

The first of two entries from Audi, is the R8. Sharing the same powerful lungs as the Aventador, it seems this is another big-mouthed supercar to be silenced for eternity. Nobody can say the R8 didn’t scream loud and proud until its last breath, but the noisiest and sometimes most polluting voice in the showroom is no longer the car that makes the most friends either with drivers, or even with other cars. Farewell Audi R8, don’t shut the car door on your way out.

3. Audi TT

While for many a year the Audi TT has been the darling of the coupe world, some would say it’s had its day and should be put out to that pasture where old cars go to roam free. But as it vrooms off into the sunset alongside its stablemate, the five-cylinder TT RS, the next iteration is already moving past its embryonic stages – which, rumour has it, will emerge as a Fiesta getting into the big kid pants of the Puma.

4. Ford Fiesta

It causes us physical pain to write that the Ford Fiesta is going to the great car park in the sky. For many, the cheerfully named basic, old-style model was the first car they drove to the point of no return. For others, it’s been a reliable, reasonably priced, mainstay of the motoring industry that did indeed move with the times. That said, without even a viable hybrid option in the Fiesta family, there wasn’t much chance of it going electric. Hasta la vista, and thanks for the driving memories.

5. Renault Mégane RS

Yes, like the Ford Fiesta we’re playing the funeral march for the whole Mégane RS clan. With a huge chunk of Renault being sold to Nissan and the recent shake-up of the whole company, we suspect this is just one of many “end of days” scenarios being played out in the next few years, before newer names and models take the place of this popular suite of cars.

6. Volkswagen Up

Following twelve years rolling off the production line, the compact Volkswagen Up is Up, Up, and away. When it first appeared, the successor to the Fox was as cheap as chips in car terms, with a starting price of £8256. However, an increase up to £15,000 for the most basic model would have had some potential buyers looking at other alternatives. The electric version made its debut in 2014 and once it had a boosted battery in 2019 that gave a charging range of 161 miles, it overtook both the Mini Electric and Honda E. It seems though, that once things stalled for the Up, the only way was down.

7. Maserati Ghibli / Quattroporte

In true Maserati style, make some noise for a duo of saloons that never quite won the crowd over. Despite a recent resuscitation with some Ferrari V8 organ implantation, and a Trofeo badge, it just wasn’t enough to save the Ghibli or Quattroporte, which left too many feeling just a bit “meh”. We’re hoping that Maserati will soon be revving up with a sporty replacement that reclaims this road space with style and vigour.

As well as these “confirmed deaths” there are a handful of car models on life support. The Porsche Macan is almost definitely about to be usurped by an all-electric alternative, while a similar fate awaits the Porsche Cayman. And we do have an almost-certain- death notice for the Nissan GT-R as we currently know it. Despite its reputation for seeing off the competition for many years, this much-loved survivor needs to respectfully stand aside and make way for a headline-grabbing hybrid that’s literally on speed.

Have we missed anything off the motor memorials list? Or is there a car above that stirs up driving memories for you?

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