31 March 2022

New number plate rules could land you a £1,000 fine

By Road Runner

On 1st March, a couple of rules around vehicle number plates have been changed. The new rules are designed to improve the readability and durability of our vehicle’s number plates and not following them could land you with a costly fine.

Rule no.1 affects all new vehicles. From the start of the month, the BS AU 145d plates which have been used since September 2001, have been replaced with BS AU 145e plates. These are made from a much tougher material which will reduce the amount of damage from abrasion.

Rule no.2 is all about dual-toned plates and affects both new and used vehicles. These plates tend to be used to give the numbering a 3D look but, from the start of this month, these are no longer allowed. All number plates must only include solid black numbers and letters.

Not following the new rules could land you with a £1,000 fine, so best check your plates and change them if needed.

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