1 September 2022

The UK's most unreliable cars have been revealed

By Road Runner

The results of Warrantywise’s annual Reliability Index have been released and it’s not good news for the premium brands, with BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Audi and Range Rover taking up nine of the top 10 spots.

Published on 30th August, the index considers around 131,000 extended warranties from vehicles under 10 years old but outside of their manufacturer’s original warranty, with Warrantywise having at least 10 of each scoreable model on their books. Several factors, including the frequency of repairs and repair costs, are taken into account to give every vehicle a score out of 100. The lower the score, the worse the vehicle performs.

Here is this year’s hall of shame…

Position Vehicle Highest Repair Cost Average Repair Cost Most Common Issue Index Score (Out of 100)
1 Land Rover Range Rover
(2012 – 2019)
(Electrical System)
£1,607 Suspension 20.2
2 BMW M3
(2012 – 2019)
£2,123 Throttle Body 21.4
3 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
(2012 – 2019)
£22,358 £1,767 Suspension 23.1
4 Porsche Panamera
(2012 – 2019)
(Timing Chain)
£1,617 Electrical System 23.4
5 BMW X6
(2012 – 2019)
(Fuel System)
£2,079 Suspension Sensors 23.6
6 Porsche Cayenne
(2012 – 2018)
£6,360 £1,496 Electrical System 24.9
7 Audi Q7
(2012 – 2020)
£8,719 £1,345 Electrical System 25.7
8 Bentley Continental GT
(2012 – 2018)
£2,237 Electrical System 29.1
9 Mazda CX-5
(2012 – 2022)
£1,784 Turbo 29.6
10 BMW M5
(2012 – 2019)
(Timing Belt)
£2,125 Suspension 30.8


Customers may think that paying a premium for a luxury brand will guarantee them reliability, but as Lawrence Whittaker (CEO of Warrantywise) explains, this clearly isn’t the case: “The Reliability Index is extremely revealing of how luxury cars, which may seem like they would be reliable because of the costly price tags, aren’t always so. The opinion that they should be very reliable, for the price that customers pay for them, is quite a popular one, and this evaluation of our data is helpful for us to guide customers the right way when wanting to make a significant purchase of a luxury car, like a Porsche.”

Looking at Warrantywise’s results, is it time for people to swap their Porsches for Peugeots or their Range Rovers for Renaults?

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