15 May 2023

What is SMART Repair Insurance?

By Road Runner

SMART auto repairs are a great option for anyone wanting a quick fix for wear and tear on the bodywork of their car. Technology has transformed the vehicle SMART repair market. It means cosmetic fixes to vehicles are simpler than ever before – and therefore less time-consuming. While some car owners have a go at removing scratches themselves, perhaps with SMART paint spraying, others hire an expert to restore any minor damage to bodywork.

What are SMART auto repairs?

Otherwise known as ‘Small to Medium Repair Technology’, SMART repairs cover all those smaller auto fixing jobs. These are often cosmetic repairs, such as dents, scuffs, or paintwork scratches. Often, they’re caused by cars or other objects knocking into yours while you’re parked up. As frustrating as it is, it’s usually worth taking the time to get things patched up. Typically, SMART auto repairs take less than a few hours to sort out.

What is SMART repair insurance?

As the name suggests, SMART repair insurance is there to fall back on if you do experience any of these issues that need repairing.

SMART repair technicians who own a business in this field will also benefit from this type of insurance. As with any business in the motor trade industry, there are risks and considerations where the right insurance could offer you additional protection. For instance, you may need to move a customer’s vehicle and want to be protected against any third-party claims. Extra protection for your business in case of theft at your commercial premises could also protect you from additional costs.

When might you use SMART auto repairs?

Car owners might use SMART auto repairs when planning to sell their car, in a bid to sell at a higher price. Sometimes people turn a blind eye to scratches or scuffs if they don’t affect the car’s performance, however, if potential buyers are seeking value in your car before deciding to commit, these flaws may become more of an issue.

Why choose SMART auto repairs?

SMART auto repairs tend to be more cost-effective, as the focus is on a small area rather than a large proportion of body panels. On the topic of saving costs, SMART repairs can prevent you from claiming on your insurance and therefore impacting your No Claims Discount.
>Many SMART professionals are mobile and come directly to you, saving you the time-consuming hassle of a journey. And because of the type of issues SMART auto repairs cover, this means the repairs aren’t too time-consuming either.

Is SMART insurance worth it?

As with any insurance, SMART auto repair insurance is there to fall back on. Depending on the level of cover you get, it can reduce unexpected costs that crop up as and when you experience wear and tear on your vehicle. If you work in SMART auto repairs, getting the right cover to protect other areas of your business is a good idea too.

Get help with your SMART repair or SMART repairer insurance with Road Runner

Road Runner have over 25 years’ experience in understanding all areas of motor trade insurance. Our cover is tailored to your needs and circumstances, going beyond your typical one-size-fits-all model. We understand the industry from both the customer and the auto SMART repair mechanic’s perspective.
If you need SMART repair insurance to carry out your job, we have your back. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help. Additionally, Motor Trade Liability Insurance, Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance or Motor Trade Premises Insurance are available for SMART repairers in the motor trade industry.

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