Premises Insurance

Motor trade premises insurance is designed to protect the assets of your business, such as tools, equipment, stock vehicles, and buildings as well as providing liability insurance to protect you against claims made against you by a third party.

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Do you have a large stock of vehicles kept at your business premises? Are you worried about the amount of money you have invested in tools and equipment and not sure how you would replace them if they were stolen or damaged by fire perhaps?

Even if you lease the building, rather than own it, you may be responsible for insuring it under the terms of your lease.

What does it cover?
  • Damage to the buildings (optional cover). Contents, such as tools, machinery, plant, fixtures and fittings. If you have a Hire Purchase or other lease agreement, we can normally note the interest of another party on the policy
  • Liability insurance – Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, and Products Liability
  • Damage to vehicles left on the business premises, whether stock or owned for personal use
  • Theft of money
  • Business Interruption – covers you against a reduction in your profit due to an inability to trade at your normal level
  • Personal Possessions of customers and employees
Cover options:
Buildings cover: Up to £200,000
Contents cover: Up to £140,000 (total cover)
Vehicles at premises: Up to £100,000
Annual Gross Profit: Choice of £50,000 or £100,000
Employers’ Liability: £10M limit of indemnity
Public Liability A choice of £1M, £2M or £5M
Product Liability A choice of £1M, £2M or £5M however, the products indemnity cannot be more than the public liability indemnity


Please note: Our Premises cover must be bought in conjunction with our Road Risks Insurance.

Please ask us for full details of the cover options available or read our Premises Summary of Cover for details of the cover available and exclusions that apply.

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