27 May 2020

Protecting you and your business assets

By Road Runner
Motor trader workshop
Why liability insurance could be a vital addition for motor traders.

As the world edges closer to a state of normal, the risks to your business remain.

A motor trade road risks policy is specifically designed to ensure you meet the minimum legal insurance requirements. It will cover your vehicles, and your customers’ vehicles against the potential risks that you may come across while working on public roads.

However, a basic road risks policy won’t cover you for claims made against you or your business.

When you’ve got people working for you, or you’ve got customers regularly visiting your site, you’ll need to think about Liability insurance. We’re here to help keep you covered.

Motor trade liability insurance can protect you against employee claims, slips, trips and accidental loss of or damage to property and vehicles.

Do I need motor trade liability insurance?

It can help ensure you have the funds to defend or settle a claim against you. It also ensures that you have someone to assist you in dealing with the claim. Without cover, legal costs could potentially bankrupt your business.

What happens if I don’t have it?

If an employee or customer makes a claim against you, you’ll have to find the cash to cover solicitor fees. If the claim is successful, the next thing to deal with could be a large settlement, and even the cost of the other side’s legal fees.

For details of liability cover offered by Road Runner, as well as cover options, explore what we offer. Or speak to a team member today on 03301 00 87 20.

Are you returning to your business premises?

If you are a motor trader returning to work at a business premises, it’s a good idea to consider Premises insurance. It’s likely you’ll have spent a lot on your tools, equipment or vehicle stock – and the last thing you want is any loss or damage.

Premises cover also includes Business Interruption, which covers you against a reduction in profit if you can’t trade – normally due to damage to premises.

If you think you won’t need it, here are some things to consider:

  • Got a lot of stock of vehicles at the premises?
  • Do you have a lot invested in tools?
  • Do you often trade in cash?
  • Are you leasing the premises? Because you might be responsible for insuring it.

If the answer to the above is ‘yes’, you may want to speak to us about getting a quote for Premises insurance.

So, if you’re looking for Liability or Premises insurance, or perhaps both, speak to the Road Runner team today on 03301 00 87 20 or make an enquiry – let’s get you covered.

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