29 June 2020

Road Risk Insurance or Combined cover – which one is for me?

By Road Runner
Mechanic fixing tyre

Whether you take the wheel of your customers’ vehicles or drive your own as part of your day-to-day business, then Road Risks motor trade cover is for you. And that’s exactly what we offer.

What is a road risks insurance policy?

A motor trade road risks policy is specifically designed to ensure you meet the minimum legal insurance requirements.

It will cover your vehicles, and your customers’ vehicles against the potential risks that you may come across while working on public roads.

A road risks insurance policy is widely considered the ‘essential’ basic type of trade policy, as it will allow you to update vehicles on the UK Motor Insurance Database. This will ensure you are legally covered and permitted to drive on the road.

If you are just starting out, trading from home or if you have a smaller business, you may wish to get Road Risks only insurance cover.

So, what does a Road Runner policy cover?
  • Named drivers only
  • Vehicles owned by the Policyholder or the Policyholder’s spouse (if they are a named driver)
  • Customers’ vehicles, whilst in your care, custody or control – only in respect of motor trade use

The policy does not define vehicles by a specific registration number. But we still need you to tell us about those owned by you, whether for your own use or held for trade purposes.

The good thing is that we don’t charge an additional premium per vehicle. Just make sure any additional ones are of a type you have already told us you work with.

How old do you have to be to have motor trade insurance?

With us, the minimum age for cover is 23 years old, with at least one year of experience and resident in the UK for a minimum of two years.

Road Runner offer a range of flexible payment options available to you, so call us today on 03301 00 87 20 to find out if we can get you covered.

What is Combined motor trade cover?

A Combined motor trade policy is meant for traders who have a larger business, so it is a policy which not only covers road use, as well as public liability, but also other areas of trading. These can include:

  • Your trading premises
  • Money kept on site
  • Stock of vehicles
  • Portable tools, machinery and plant
  • Business Interruption
Do I need Road Risks or Combined cover?

This depends on your scale of operations. If you have a small-scale independent trading business, then a road risks policy might suit you best. If you are trading from a business premises which is not your home, for example a mechanic, a Combined policy would be able to cover you for tools, machinery and other equipment. If you were selling vehicles, a Combined policy would cover your vehicle stock.

Not sure what you need? That’s why Road Runner are here. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your motor trader insurance requirements. Call us today on 03301 00 87 20 or get a quote online – let’s get you covered.

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