Trades We Cover

The term ‘motor trade’ covers a vast range of activities. We offer insurance for a wide range of industries. Find out how we can help you.

Road Runner is committed to helping as many different types of motor trader as possible.

So, even if you don’t fit the definition of some of the more common types of trader, we can probably still help you save money on your motor trade road risks, liability, and premises insurance.

In simple terms, we can probably help you with Motor Trade Insurance

If you are...
  • A sole trader, partnership or limited company

  • Full or Part-Time in the trade

  • Based in England, Wales or Scotland. (If you live in Northern Ireland, please call Abbey Bond Lovis on 028 9099 3600 to talk through your needs, as slightly different conditions apply. Our Road Risks, Liability and Premises products are only available via Abbey Bond Lovis for businesses based in Northern Ireland)
  • At least 23 years old. (Please note there are certain restrictions for drivers under 28 years old as well)
  • An experienced trader. (It doesn’t matter if the business you want to insure is a new venture)


And you work with...
  • Standard cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Motorbikes, trikes, scooters or mopeds
  • Sports and high-performance vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles (up to 7.5 tons, or a recovery vehicle up to 17.5 ton)
  • Motorhomes, caravanettes & campers
  • Classic, vintage and veteran cars
  • Foreign vehicles & grey imports
  • Kit cars
  • Q plates
  • Modified vehicles
  • Agricultural plant and machinery
  • People carriers & minibuses (with up to 17 seats)
Take a look below at the list of trades we cover.

Just because something isn’t listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t help. Why not give us a call and ask.

There are always going to be cases where the cover we can offer comes with certain restrictions. Without knowing exactly what you do, we can’t explain every scenario. So why not give us a call on 03301 00 87 20 and see if we can help.

. . . and probably a whole lot more as well!