5 July 2021

Car insurance green card to be waived

By Road Runner

The European Commission has announced that the compulsory requirement for all UK drivers to show a motor insurance green card is to be abandoned. The green card was introduced as part of the UK’s EU exit earlier in the year, to show that the driver had the correct insurance for driving abroad.

The Association of British Insurers director general, Huw Evans, has stated this is ‘excellent news’ and went on to say, “we have long campaigned for the UK to be part of the Green Card free circulation zone, so we warmly welcome the decision by the European Commission.”

The rule change will come into effect 20 days after it is included in the Official Journal. The Journal itself could only be a matter of days away.

With the UK slowly coming out of lockdown and the re-introduction of international travel, the scrapping of green cards could help make driving across the continent a very viable holiday solution in the coming months. The move will also be especially welcomed by residents of Northern Ireland, who before the change would have needed to hold a green card to cross the border to the Republic of Ireland.

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