31 March 2021

Tool Insurance for the Motor Trade

By Road Runner
Mechanic toolbox

We know that our customers work hard for a living, so when a one of them gets his or her tools stolen, we really feel for them. Here are some tips to help reduce the risk of this happening to you:

Lock them up

This may seem obvious, but plenty of tradesmen leave their tools unsecured in the workplace at night. If thieves enter your unit and your tools are not locked away, it is an easy win for them. You should lock away all tools securely in a tool trolly with a heavy-duty lock which is hard to break. Large equipment should be chained or bolted to the wall of the building so it cannot be easily removed.

Secure your van

Theft from vans is the most common way tradespeople lose their tools. Most professional thieves will know the value of the tools inside a vehicle, so it is best that you park your van in a garage at night, if possible.

If this isn’t an option, you should remove all your tools at the end of the day. If for whatever reason, the tools need to stay in the van, add extra bolts and hinges to your vehicle, use a van box to secure tools, and have a good quality alarm and tracker fitted so you can track your van if it gets stolen. These tips should hopefully make it harder for any thieves to break in and steal your tools.

Make your mark

All of your expensive tools should be engraved with a unique marking. This can lower the value of the tools and will make it harder for the thieves to sell on, so they’ll be less likely to steal them. It will also make it easier to track them down and recover them if they do get stolen.

Insure Your Tools

You can do everything in your power to keep your tools safe, but a theft could still happen.  If your tools do get stolen, do you have the right insurance to replace them?

If you’ve insured them correctly, your insurance company should cover the cost of the replacement tools, so you don’t have to dig into your own pocket.

If you have a Public Liability or a Road Risks policy with Road Runner, then you have the option to add tool insurance onto your policy. From portable hand tools to more expensive machinery, we can cover you. If you have to make a claim, we will work with you to get you back on your feet again and make your claims process easy.  If you are unsure about the cover you have on your policy, or if you’re thinking about changing your insurance provider to Road Runner, give us a call on 03301 00 87 20, or email sales@roadrunnerinsurance.co.uk. We’re with you.

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