17 February 2021

How you could save on your Motor Trade insurance

By Road Runner
Motor trader working on a vehicle at a premises

At Road Runner, we’re with you. We want the best for our customers, and we know that for some, money has been tight during the pandemic. So, we’ve come up with a few ways on how you can save on your motor trade insurance.

Indemnity limit

Did you know that you that you can lower the indemnity limit on your Road Risks policy? The indemnity limit is the maximum that we pay out per any one claim. If you have a £30,000 limit on your policy but you are not working much during this quiet period, then you could reduce this to £5,000, which is our lowest level of cover. Don’t worry, this is simple to increase once you’re back working full-time.

Combined Motor Trade insurance

Our combined policies cover stock of vehicles at a business premises. If you have taken out a Platinum Plus package but you’re trading less, you can move to our Bronze package which gives £25,000 cover for vehicles on your premises.

Removal of drivers

Have you furloughed staff or made any staff redundant? If so, you could remove them from your policies in the short-term until they are back working, or remove them completely. We have also recently helped customers reduce their policy costs at renewal by removing their spouse as they are not using the vehicle.

If you are thinking about changing your cover, just give us a call on 03301 00 87 20 and we will be happy to chat through your policy with you.

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