Are you looking for part-time motor trade insurance? You may buy and sell a few cars, or perhaps you repair and service vehicles at evenings or weekends to earn some extra money.

Maybe you restore old cars to sell on for a profit. Whatever you do, you still need to think about motor trade insurance. Just because you are part-time, doesn’t mean you can’t get motor trade insurance. We may even be able to provide ‘additional business use’ for your main occupation. If you already work in the motor trade as your main job, even better!


Have you considered:
  • The need to insure customers' vehicles, so you can road test them?
  • The money tied up in a vehicle if it is damaged or stolen?
  • The possibility of a claim as a result of work you have carried out?
  • The value of tools and equipment if they are damaged or stolen?
  • The savings you could make by including cover for your main occupation as an extension to your motor trade insurance?


Available Cover
  • Road Risks insurance so you can road test customer vehicles, or be covered in respect of a sales vehicle you have just purchased.

  • Comprehensive cover, not Third Party only, so you are protected in the event a vehicle is damaged or stolen.
  • Accompanied demonstration use if you have vehicles for sale.
  • Additional business use, to cover your own vehicles for use in connection with your primary occupation.
  • Liability insurance, to protect you against third party claims, spurious or not.

Why not see if we can offer a better quote than your current provider? Road Runner specialises in part-time motor traders, so we understand the way you work. There is no obligation, so why not give us a try?


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Our Core Products

Road Risks Insurance


If you are involved in the motor trade and have your own vehicles, or drive customers' vehicles in the course of your business, you probably need Road Risks cover.

Liability Insurance


If you have employees or want to protect yourself against claims for customers or visitors to your premises, find out how our Liability cover could protect you and your business.

Premises Insurance


If you trade from premises, you probably have money tied up in your tools, equipment or stock of vehicles. Find out how our Premises cover could help you protect against loss or damage.

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If you have employees who work for you in both business’ we can consider allowing additional business use on your road risks policy for the additional occupation as long as this additional occupation is acceptable to us. Please contact us for further details.